How To Launch Your Biz in as Little as 7 Days!

Hello Beautiful,

Woman, are you in for a treat today.

We’ve got 3 magical astrological influences designed to get you off your ass and into the life of your dreams brewing an intoxicating brew. 


A New Moon: Time to make a new desire list for the month and check it twice.

An Eclipse: It’s like a new moon on steroids. So take out your desire line and update what you want to do, be, have, and feel in the next six months. Post those here

Mercury RX: Mercury retrogrades get a bad name but I think they are awesome when you know how to use them right. Mercury will be retrograde for the next 3 weeks and here what you can expect:




Re-Moving Clutter



See the theme. Most people are going to head into September geared up like a bloody cage fighter ready to muscle their way to success, but you my dear are smarter that. You are going to work smarter, not harder. You are going to use this time to plot your next move.


To help you in your plot for world domination (ala Pinky and The Brain) 


I’ll be writing a series of posts over the course of the next few weeks to get you primed for your world takeover. 


But for today let’s focus on the plan.

Take out a pen and watch the video below to see my Sexy Girl Guide For Creating a Profitable Biz

Use this guide to:

  1. Create hungry customers before you even have a product

  2. My secret to standing out among a crowded field (even if you want to be a coach)

  3. My easy tips for creating content FAST

  4. Learn how to network ON and OFF line, even if you are an introvert like me

  5. Master the sales process without selling your soul or feeling smarmy.


Check out the video to get started and I’ll talk to you in a few days!

Your Unique Gifts Use this worksheet to get clear about your offering (min 0:48:03)

What is Pussyition? Confused about what direction you should take. Use the fail proof tool to get clear

 (min 2:18:43)


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