How I Used Ritual to Sell Out My High End Coaching Program

There's something feminine about new moons and full moons.

New moons are a great time for planting seeds for your desires, especially the desires you’ve been holding back on.


Full moons are perfect for releasing our frustrations, fears, and anxiety.

I have a few change making rituals I use to help me harness the power of new moons and full moons.


These rituals help me get clear and ease my doubt,

because I have absolute trust in the power of intention.



Rituals have a way of marking important passages of time. Rituals also help with closing one chapter of life and the beginning of something new.


For example this time last year, I had just moved to New Orleans from New York

and I had a desire to sell out my mastermind program The Priestess Cycle.

I used a new moon ritual to “plant desire seeds” (find the exact ritual here) and 30 days later I had sold out my high-end group program before it even launched.


I’ve used rituals for years to help me manage the stress

and change making energy that one consumes as an entrepreneur.

Even before I was an entrepreneur, I used ritual to get my mind (and my money) right.



If you could use some money magic of your own. (and really who couldn’t use more money magic?)


Click the picture below to download my mini ritual kit

(which includes step by step instructions for the desire seeds ritual I used to fill my high end program): “4 Moon Rituals to Think and Grow Rich”





These moon rituals will only be available til Friday. They are a free gift to my Wealth Creation Movement members, but I’m making them available to the public for a short time.


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