I still remember how it felt hearing Sexy Money for the first time

Hello Beautiful Healer,

I realize that you may not consider yourself a healer. But you are. More on that in a bit.

First, I’d like to share a story I don’t often get to talk about:

A pivotal moment in my own path as healer, and how it led to Sexy Money.

For years, I wanted to move to New York. So badly I could feel it in my bones. I was making "ok" money and had a comfortable life. (Ok honestly 35K is comfortable for Savannah, GA),

But you know me – I wanted MORE.

I wish I could say I saved enough to come to the big city.

But honestly, my desire got the best of me. I quit my job like a woman possessed and bought my ticket to The Big Apple. I hit the ground running. Nothing could stop me.

And then…

One week after I’d quit my job,

the 2008 financial crisis hit the country with the force of a tidal wave.

I crashed too.

For someone working in personal finance, my own money picture looked more like a scribble than the masterpiece I had envisioned. But, you know me: I was determined to succeed.

Thing is - I had already read everything about personal finance and manifesting abundance that I could get my hands on.

It just wasn’t working.

At the same time, I was feeling called to deepen my study and practice of sacred sexuality. Sensuality had always felt like an essential part of me and how I moved through the world.

It just felt… RIGHT.

There was just one problem.

Working in finance, I knew that sacred spirituality was most definitely something I needed to keep to myself. Accounting professionals need to appear RESPECTABLE in order to be trustworthy. Blue and gray suits were the norm and I desperately wanted to be taken seriously.

In fact, I thought I was doing a pretty good job rocking the persona of a powerful financial consultant

Until I heard a client utter these words:

“I can’t believe someone so sexy works with money.”


Everything I thought I’d been doing right turned out to have been entirely WRONG.

So. Very. Wrong.

Do you have those moments?

Those flashes of light where you realize you've been hiding a key piece of yourself?

My moment of truth began to shine so brightly through everything I thought I'd been doing right- being respectable, successful in my field, existing in the Wall Street gray world. I realized I had gotten comfortable in existing in the colorless world, but I had become monochrome, too.  I thought my job was to not draw too much attention to myself.

As far as I was concerned, I needed to tuck away any sensual, playful, feminine bits to be taken seriously. Sound familiar?

You've heard of light bulb moments. Girl, this felt like a lightbulb tragedy!

My beautiful nightmare lit the way to my own healing and liberation. I had a startling and profound realization: I wasn’t just trying to be respectable and successful- I was trying to hide. over the years, I had gotten REALLY great at hiding in my gray world. I learned that I had been protecting myself from hurtful experiences while growing up. Unconsciously, building my life and career on one painful and harmful assumption:

I needed to be different from who I really was in order to be successful.    

So, I wrote a really long letter to the universe. (As you do when someone sees your big shining light, and it scares the bejeezus out of you.)

In a nutshell, I said, “Show me the way.”

The universe slowly and quietly answered me.

First assignment :GET PHYSICAL.

I got the inspiration to book a shoot with a boudoir photographer. YOWSA!

This was definitely NOT hiding, and definitely NOT the image of the financial business-woman I’d been striving towards.

Trusting that it was time to heal and become free, I stripped off the layers of my existing gray, monochrome facade, and slipped into my truth.

On the way to the session, I decided to get a pile of cash to pay the photographer. Once we started shooting, we used the money as props. As the dollar bills cascaded down my body, I was inspired to REALLY take the lid off.

In that moment two powerful things transformed my thinking:


2. To BE the embodiment of my work.

I must confess, I LOVED the comment that I was too sexy to work with money. It spoke to my soul. Someone saw something I wasn’t seeing – namely that my sexiness, my sensual essence was undeniable.

She, my sensuality, was a force. And she, my sexiness, wouldn’t be hidden any longer.  

Second assignment:  I had to step it up- I mean ALL THE WAY UP.

The more I owned my sacred sex magic, the more hungry I allowed myself to be in my desires, and my sensual passion – the more successful I became.

In fact, once I started owning the relationship between my sacred sensuality and my money, I had my first $8,500 month.

As I began working with clients, integrating the spiritual, sensual, and financial, something became so clear to me.

Women are hungry for their sensuality as much as for their prosperity.

Most of us are recovering from some type of sexual trauma – whether it’s direct or indirect, personal or cultural.

We’re shamed. We’re insecure. We hide.

The result?

We shut down our VOICES, keeping us INVISIBLE, limiting our sexual and financial power.   We’re not taught that we can make a connection between sex and money in an EMPOWERED, CREATIVE way.

Well, until now.

Sexy Money CELEBRATES your relationship with your money as a JOYFUL manifestation of your DIVINE SENSUAL SELF.

The fabulous FREEDOM you feel putting an extra $1,000 per month into your bank account is the same freedom of feeling at home in your own delicious skin.

Mmmmmm. Yum.

Sexy Money means feeling good, whether you are spending or saving. Because when you are 100% CLEAR on YOUR WORTH and what YOU VALUE, your money reflects that.

Whether it’s clothes that make you feel badass, a healthy IRA account, a home with a backyard, starting your own business or investing in a day-care center in your old neighborhood so families can thrive.

When you get yours, you can CHOOSE and CREATE in ways that align with your PASSION and TRUTH.

My healing journey has led me to create tools to help YOU find sacred sensual healing and… to BECOME WEALTHY.

And being healed, then makes YOU a healer.

Because when one woman heals, she can’t help but bring the women around her HIGHER.