I just got off the phone (I feel like I’m always starting emails this way. You must think I’m always on the phone. It’s true I do a ton of business by phone, I guess this is one of those “I can work from anywhere” humble brags:)


Anyways I was on a call with one of my 40 Days student Katharine and her news blew my lid back. 


She applied for a 6 figure job and GASP got it!!!

In the span of our 40 Days together she went from making 50k/year to 95K (just 5k short of 6 figures)


In fact she actually asked for a 100K


Their response was “well since you don’t have an MBA we can’t go that high but when you finish your degree we’ll be happy to revisit salary negotiations.”


But at least she asked! And who are we kidding 95k ain't bad


What’s the science behind Katharine’s financial quantum leap.


  • She worked the 40 days rituals like a pro. These rituals are designed to make you feel better so you have the confidence to ask for more.


  • She took action. First she asked her current employer for a raise and when she got a NO…


  • She didn’t give up on her desire. She asked how else can I get this raise?


  • She decided to apply for a job that required an MBA even though she didn’t have one. She heeded my message that “Men see a job that they are only 50% qualified for and think, “I can learn the rest on the job, while women only apply for a job if they are 100% qualified.”


Most importantly Katherine had a desire, believed she could make it happen, invested in herself and took action.


(In the words of Beyonce “I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it”)


Congrats Katharine for stretching into your next self!


What does Katharine’s success have to do with you?


I tell you this story because I want you to know that you too can create a six figure income.


I am assuming like Katharine you desire to make more money so that you can create savings and invest for your future.


You might be able to even do it by yourself by piecing together knowledge gained from the internet or books, but in the words of my financial “Shero” Barbara Stanny.


“There is a difference between having access to information and having access to wisdom.”


Let me use Bruce Lee as an example, 


(Every few months I go down a Bruce Lee wormhole.) 


I’m fascinated by his body mastery and his success.


Then I start to think about the teachers HE studied with cause I know that there’s no way I can gain that level of mastery by googling


“ how to do a push-up with one finger”


You need teachers to attain mastery


I’ve had a ton of teachers


Maria P Root (It was in her class that I got how socially constructed ideas of race, gender, and sexuality are)


Mr. Hitchcock ( my physics teacher who taught me how to create a remote control car from an old VCR)


Regena Thomashauer


People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond


Dara and Stephanie at Sacred Brooklyn


Sarah Dew


Bill Baren


And I’ve also invested a ton of blood, sweat, and tears, AND money to learn from these teachers.


Let me say this.


Everything, EVERYTHING starts with desire.


You probably signed up for my email list


because you know you’re on the verge of something big


but your day-to-day life feels cramped and strictly budgeted.


You desire to make a shit ton of money doing work that you love,


Have a budget for travel and life's little luxuries...


And have more than enough left over in the bank to make you feel safe and snug as a bug in a rug.


But desire is only part of the equation


The missing piece is acting on the one thing that could make your desire come true.


This email could be your big break.


I’m hosting my first ever “Build Wealth” retreat here in New Orleans! 


Since I moved to New Orleans, I’ve had a ton of women reach out and express the desire to visit.


There’s no denying that New Orleans is a special place.


Especially for women who want to build wealth.


In fact the women of New Orleans are some America’s earliest entrepreneurs and landowners.


Women like Rose Nicaud (the first known coffee vendor in New Orleans. Rose, a slave at the time she started her cart, saved enough money to buy her freedom. One of her customers is quoted to have said, "Her coffee is like the benediction that follows after prayer". )


Of course I want to bring women like yourself to this magical place.



I know you desire like Rose to master of your own destiny.


What is Build Wealth?


It’s a retreat, but it's so much more!


It’s my answer the question of how to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom, and build community at the same time.


I wanted a retreat that women leave knowing they are better than when they arrived.


A retreat where women leave knowing they have a few financial wins in their pockets.


How does Build Wealth help you create financial wins?


Day 1 of Build Wealth explores the Power of Ritual to Create Wealth. I say it over and over again “When you feel good, you do good” in other words you have the confidence to get yours. We will explore the 8 pillars of a rock solid Sexy Money Ritual tool kit.


Day 2 of Build Wealth is all about the Sexy Girl Guide to Creating a Business. It’s a one day mastermind for the beginner and experienced entrepreneur. This is the day for you to get inspired, network, and create a concrete plan for getting more customers.


Day 3 of Build Wealth catapults you to the Oprah and Warren Buffet sphere of wealth as we explore ways to make our money work for us. We’ll be talking “How To Invest in Real Estate Like Goddess” and the “Stock Market For Goddesses”.


Sign Up For Build Wealth 2016 right now and you will:


Feel Inspired You’ll get 3 days of movement, ritual, and workshops


Get Grounded Rituals that give you confidence in the face of fear and anxiety so that you can stop feeling the strain of money issues and stop living in fear of your debt.


Act Powerfully Fun and easy ideas you can implement immediately to get your expenses in line with your income.


Be Abundant How to charge what you're worth rather you are an employee or an entrepreneur.


Embrace Your Creativity How to turn a hobby into a money maker.


Leave Prepared The A to Z blueprint for creating a 6-figure business.


Own Your Inner Money Expert How to take the mystery out of the stock market, investing, and working with financial advisers.


Have Passive Income Learn how to invest in real estate like a goddess.


And here's how this is like no other retreat out there:


In addition for the chance to frolic in this amazing city,


I am also giving you ACTIONABLE content on how to create wealth in your life.


We’ll leave no wealth building stone unturned.


Look at my current students, I am 100% invested in your success. If you win, I win. (Just ask one of my priestess students Teresa who I helped set-up her sales funnel on the fly a few weeks ago after she reached out about feeling confused aboutLeadPages.)


This isn’t one of those Retreats where I charge you more and more and give you less and less. To prove it I’m throwing in a few bonuses:


Sign Up for Build Wealth and you’ll get instant access to my:






  • A tool bag of rituals that make being FINANCIALLY smart easy and pleasurable

  • A financial plan for making your desired salary

  • A effortless plan for erasing credit card and student loan debt

  • a credit repair tool kit to increase your credit score and save you 100's of thousands over the course your lifetime

  • Investing plan that makes your money work for you

  • A spending plan in full alignment with your values that is easy to follow

  • A GAME PLAN for creating your life's purpose




Sexy Money Moguls 7 Month E-Course Modules (Value $3,997)


  • Module 1: Using Pussy to Target your Niche and Brand strategy

  • Module 2: Pleasurable Product Creation and Testing

  • Module 3: Climactic Launches and Getting Customers

  • Module 4: Burning through Burnout with TURNON: How to scale and build

  • Module 5: Google and Facebook Advertising for the Sexy

  • Module 7: Building authentic community (even if you are an introvert)

  • Also Included:

-Basic Business Structure Setup

-List Building Setup

-Online Curriculum Dashboard with detailed videos on each topic. (You can come to our group sessions already well versed in the topic)

-Private Facebook Group (bring your questions to me and the group. Maybe something is not working and you need the feedback of your sisters. Use the group to share your rituals and magic)

-Free Access to Monthly Ritual and Wealth Calls (Your chance to hear what your fellow retreat members are working on and what’s working for them. As well as ask me questions about investing, entrepreneurship, or money. In addition, you’ll get a monthly moon ritual designed specifically for the group.


And here's why it's a great deal...


I've spent over $50,000 in the past 3 years alone learning and studying entrepreneurship, ritual creation, altar building, pleasure, yoga, real estate investing, and the stock market.


I’ve compiled the the best of my teaching for this retreat.


The cost to you today $397/month (and 9 payments of $397 to follow)


or one time payment of $2,997.


That’s 1/50th of what I’ve invested in my own business and wealth growth. And unlike other programs that you’ve purchased and never used, I am giving you that small group attention, accountability, and real life interaction that guarantees success.


This ISN’T a retreat you’ll sign up for and never use.


The skills you get from Build Wealth will create income for you day after day, month after month, and year after year.


And because this is my first time opening this retreat to students other than my Priestess Group


You can reserve your spot for a very special deeply discounted pre-launch investment.


Click HERE to register now and to get details about my pre-launch discount.


Just click the link to join and you'll get instant access to my 2 online courses and you'll be happily working within minutes.


The Build Wealth New Orleans Retreat is great because it will:


  • Educate You: Slow down in the Big Easy and soak up wealth building wisdom at the same time

  • Help You Create Crucial Relationships: Get the chance to network with like-minded women from around the country

  • Support You: You get the opportunity to do the wealth building work (asking for more money, investing in Real Estate or the Market, or starting a business) before you even step foot in New Orleans.


By the way if you are skeptical about investing this small amount in yourself.


Let me make it incredibly easy for you to say yes right now…


Bonus #3


Register for The Build Wealth Retreat by September 15th


and get your 2-nights stay Luxury Hotel paid-in-full ($514 value).


(The Old 77 in the historic and trendy Warehouse District.)




The first 10 women to sign up for the Build Wealth Retreat, receive a Year Long Membership to Real Estate Investor Goddesses Online Community ($997 value)

  • The Real Estate Investor Goddesses Online Membership Community is designed to get you successfully invested in at least one real estate deal within 12 months.

  • The program will include monthly modules, articles, exercises, worksheets, interviews with successful real estate investors and other professionals, an interactive forum for the community, Q&A section and much more.   

I’m packing this retreat with value out of the wazoo because I want you to be successful.


I want you like Katharine to have the courage to demand what you are worth, while doing work you love.


All the while letting your investments build passive income that will sustain you and your family for years.


This one’s a no-brainer.


  • *You get 1 retreat spot ($2,997)

  • *Instant Access to 40 Days and 40 Nights ($497)

  • *Instant Access to Sexy money Moguls ($3,997)

  • *Free Luxury Hotel Stay $(514)  and...

  • *A year long membership to Real Investor Goddesses Wealth builder Member Site ($997)

  • Total Value $9,002 See Discounted Price


Click HERE to claim your pre-launch discounted spot.




P.S. The Free Hotel bonus expires on September 15th and the Real Estate Investor Goddesses bonus is only available to the first first 10 women who sign up, so if you want in, jump now. These may not be available on September 15th.


If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:


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