Are you a magical manifestor?

Most women are. Every woman I know has a natural born knack at something.

 One of my friends in an ace at relationships,

 another has the uncanny knack of making motherhood look easy.

 Others are really good at being Insta-famous.

 Me I’m good with money.

 It’s not something that came naturally.

 In fact, 10 years ago my biggest money desire was to make 55K a year.

 Now I make that in a quarter.

So Darling? How’s your money? 

 Are you a pleasure seeker? (reformed pleasure seeker right here)

Do you save less than 5 percent of your income because when you’re feeling flush, you tend to buy things that aren’t necessary to your lifestyle?

 Or maybe you’re an Idealist?

 You work as an artist, musician, or entertainer, or you work for a nonprofit.

 You don’t care about money because you mistrust it and the people who have it.

 Whatever your financial archetype,

 if your NET WORTH isn't growing

Then there's a kink (and not the good kind)


in your SELF WORTH chain


You are probably doing one of the following


Spending way more than you make

Afraid to ask for the number you are actually worth

Failing to invest your money in your future

Going unconscious when it comes to money and letting other people make financial decisions for you.


My Mission with Sexy Money is to create a tribe of women who ENJOY money and know how to make it and make it GROW. 

That’s what I did when I doubled my income in one year. AND pleasurably cured a righteous shopping addiction.


I could tell you about the Sexy Money Students who surprise themselves by how much money they make. And save. And invest in their communities.


If all of these things sound good to you, sign up for my FREE

Sexy Love Challenge: Ditch The Clock-in Culture, How to Stop Being Clueless about Money and Start Being Sexy and Financially Smart.


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I believe helping women stand for their worth is a revolution.


And I look forward to the day when ALL women use words like grace, ease, pleasure and sexiness to describe how they feel about themselves AND their money.


You deserve to feel the flush of a first date when you look at your bank balance.


And you deserve to be a magical manifestor.


Treat yo self!



P.S. This challenge will never mention the following words: should, disciple, budget, or percentages. You may hear mention of pole dancing or domme’s though…You can get it here.