I HATE resolutions [free PDF]

I don’t do resolutions. 

New Year’s blows

it comes way too fast

like-- we just got done with Christmas and Thanksgiving

and now we’ve got to worry about a new year

which is why I'm petitioning to move New Year's to February

Here me out...

February is when the Chinese New Year happens and that new year is based on a new moon which is waaaay more conducive to new beginnings

February is closer to spring

i hate resolutions.png

and February signals the end of carnival season and the beginning of Lent so everyone else is ready to buckle down and get disciplined 

That said, it's officially New Year's over here in the Sexy Money Dungeon


I'm giving you a tool I use every new year. 

This tool helps me own my desires instead of just dreaming about them. 

Last year I wanted my own loft apartment

(Guess who got her loft apartment!)

It's called a success map

Here's how it works

Think about last year and all the changes you made:

  • new job
  • more money
  • new relationship
  • health milestone
  • new apartment
  • fat savings
  • paid off your debt

pick out the changes you consider successes

For each success create a map see worksheet here

Answer these questions:

  • What were your fears prior to winning this particular success?
  • What were the challenges ?
  • What did you learn?
  • What's next?

You can also turn this into an art project like this



I do this every year and I'm able to start my new year in celebration instead of beating myself up for what I should be doing.

Now it's your turn.

What did you do right last year?

Show me your pictures on Instagram @sexymoneydenise or leave a comment on below.