[video] How do you create a big easy biz?

Pfhewww I did it! After seven years of a dramatic and tumultuous affair with NYC I packed up all my shit and moved to the Big Easy

And easy it is (even the President thinks so)

 The loft apartment I'm staying in is gorgeous and has just enough exposed brick and downtown buildings to remind me of New York but plenty of sunshine and jazz music in the streets to let me know that I'm in good ol’ New Orleans.

The best part is I've created a business that supports me and affords me the freedom to live anywhere.

I am in heaven. The food, the music, the people, the men (wink, wink)

 And my joy means free goodies for you!

Next week I will be unveiling my next free mini challenge.

 This challenge will show you the number one tool I use to bring in revenue and clients fast and easy.

 In the meantime I've got a video for you that I did at the beginning of the summer.

 It's all about the lessons I learned from the last launch of one of my favorite programs

40 days and 40 nights of prosperity which just ended a few weeks ago

 So check out the video now.

  It's a great hint for what's to come with the free mini challenge I'll be rolling out next week.  

 Until then, enjoy the video

 I'm going to enjoy New Orleans

I hope you enjoy wherever you are
and let's talk soon



p.s. I created this video a few months ago while on vacation in Vermont check out my tips on creating an easy launch.