Is your perfectionism working against you?

Dear Sexy Genius,

You have a powerful gift.

That thing where you lose track of time because you’re so in the flow. 

That thing that makes people gush, “Wow, you’re amazing – thanks!”

and it felt like you barely did a thing because it was so natural. 

That thing when you just feel… GOOD about what you’re doing.

Those are radiant moments. 

And they’re often followed by thoughts like, 

“I could never make a living at this. People WAY more experienced than me are offering something just like it.”

“Where would I even start?”

“It would take a LOT of time and money to get a business off the ground anyway. 

I’d better wait until I have more time. And money.”

“Okay, I’ve gotten my business off the ground – it’s doing... okay. But getting to the next level would take more resources than I can spare. I’m maxed out already.”

“Isn’t Mercury gonna be retrograde soon? I’d better hold off on anything new until the planets are more cooperative.”

Dream-killers, Every. Last. Damn. One. It’s like taking your gift – all twinkly and hopeful

– and hurling it into the gutter with the rain, mud and cigarette butts. 

Before you get down on yourself for falling down the rabbit hole of pessimism 

that we all experience (trust me – it happens to ALL of us),

I’ll share something 

that might surprise you… 

These party-pooper thoughts actually come from a similar place as your 

desire to spark change in the world. I know – it sounds nuts, but hang with me 

a sec…

Deep down, you know that your gift can create



and Joy.

And so you want your offering to be the BEST it can possibly be.

Because you’re honest, 

a person with deep integrity (which is why you desire to make a difference in the world, right?). 

Essentially, you want to be of service and to do it with excellence. Which is why people will trust you

– because they’ll learn that you believe in what you’re 

offering with your whole heart.

But they won’t learn that if you never put your work out in the world.

That is, unless you harness that energy of perfectionism. And the simplest way to 

do that is…wait for it…


Now before you say, “Oh, Denise, I know – Just. Do. It.” and roll your eyes while 

telling me all the reasons you WOULD just do it, but you don’t know HOW to just 

do it… Let me say, I AGREE WITH YOU.

Kind of. 

You want to share your offering with excellence, so you want to WORK 

SMARTER – using the most powerful methods to maximize income and 


I wish I’d listened to folks who advised me to learn from mentors instead of 

figuring it out on my own (also known as flailing!).

I lost chances to increase m income and make a difference in the lives of women who desired to heal their 

relationship with money. 

Now that I’ve learned the hard way, found strategies that work (and discarded the ones that don’t),

I’ve developed a system that has grown my business 

consistently every year to my now-thriving 6 figure-income.

And I’m sharing this GAME-CHANGER with you for one week. 

It’s the FREE Sexy Money LOVE TO LAUNCH challenge – a training on how to launch a program or product so your talents reach more people and



Launching is the MOST POWERFUL TOOL I use to grow my business with 

excellence, profit and… pleasure. 

And the best part is: learning to go from IDEA to LAUNCH takes LESS THAN 


You’ll receive SEXY and STRATEGIC action steps, the same ones I use to 

launch every new program, including:

  • Planning for pleasure – how your feminine essence will guide you to success
  • The smart entrepreneur’s approach to generating Beyonce worthy buzz,
  • How to craft a winning social media campaign with authenticity AND strategy,
  • What it takes to make sure your people show up on the big day of the launch (or what I like to call party day!)

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You don’t need to make the mistakes I did. Once you learn to launch with 

PLEASURE and STRATEGY, you can start EARNING MONEY that will 

empower you to create EVEN MORE IMPACT in the future.

The most crucial element to taking action is YOUR COMMITMENT to this fact: 

There will ALWAYS be something to improve. 

Your offerings will always benefit from more resources to make them zippier, 

more research to make them value-packed, more cosmic mojo to make them soar.

But you’ll never know what you really need to improve if you keep 

THINKING about sharing your gift rather than taking ACTION.

I truly hope 

that you decide to say YES and start earning money while making a difference.

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With the confidence AND INCOME you’ll have after your first 

successful launch, you’ll also have more clarity and joy to start planning your 

next one!

With deep love,



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