[Video] What to Do When Money Is Tight. A Simple Ritual.

Hello Love,

I am in the process of preparing for a big move. As usual whenever I start a major shift or change in my life, I begin to feel anxious about money. At a certain point in your worth journey though you realize you can’t keep blaming your anxiety and fear on the money. It begins to feel ridiculous, especially when you are looking at bank statements with 13K or 20K in deposits each month and still feeling like you are poor.

So if it’s not the money then it's your money monster. Those insidious voices we’ve been programmed to feel. We are a people hardwired for struggle. Survival of the fittest has been stitched in our DNA.  Money anxiety is an energetic problem that requires an energetic solution.

I studied a ton of chemistry in college and one thing I learned is this: fire is essential for transformation.

Today I am going to show you a ritual I use to release my money anxieties and fears.

Check out the video below!