Waiting to exhale.... again?

Hello Beauty,

I just wrapped up a launch for one of my favorite programs 40 Days and Nights of Prosperity.

As 25 women and I prepared to take a deep dive into our own prosperity

I found myself in a deep funk

but nothing was wrong

the closest description I could give the feeling

is I had an intense feeling of restlessness or boredom

After months of expansion

record breaking revenue

more exposure

I felt like the party had come to an end.


Falling instead of rising

Then a friend sent me this video and I was reminded that the universe is constantly expanding and contracting.

In fact there is a theory that the the universe is in a state of gradual expansion. Scientist theorize that the universe will reach the limits of expansion and once again contract only to expand once again.

In essence the universe is breathing.

Just like my body

Just like my life.

Periods of rapid expansion and manifestation are like the exhale and the quieter times are the inhales.

This blog post is my appreciation of the inhale and my preparation for the next exhale.



P.S. Where in your life are you experiencing expansion or contraction? use the comment section to give me the deets!