Don't Put Nothing In It Unless You Feel It.

You know the way a certain song can be like a time capsule for your life?
When you were 5 what was your soundtrack?
What about when you were 14?


For me it was Nina Simone

There is this moment before the song I Shall Be Released

where Nina stops her band and says

"Y'all pushing.

You pushing.

You pushing.

Just relax, relax.

You're pushing it.

It'll go up by itself.

Don't put nothing in it unless you feel it."

That's the secret to a pleasurable business

That's the secret weapon against burnout


You have to feel each step, each move you make

Don't confuse "not feeling it" with fear or playing small

What's the difference?


Well when you act on a feeling the universe hops right in with a little magic.


For example I canceled a launch last fall.  I was burnout. My heart wasn't in it. I  was working 12 and 16 hour days completely obsessed with my business. I knew that kind of energy wasn’t sustainable and sure enough I burned myself out. So I cancelled the launch.

I also stopped working with a client who no longer felt joyful to work with.

I was scared not to act but I just couldn't move forward with something I didn't feel.

So I took Nina’s advice and I relaxed.

I let it go up by itself.

What happened?

The universe stepped in,  clients poured in to replace the revenue I lost.  I was able to teach yoga, move, eat well, stand in the sunshine.

I did this for 4 months.  

I was able to get clear on exactly what I desire.

It feels good knowing what feeeeels good for my business.

Now I want to hear from you!


Leave a comment on my blog and  answer the questions


What song is the soundtrack for your teen years?

What aren't you feeling in your business right now?


Stay tuned for next week when I talk about what happens when resting and relaxation turns to inertia or playing small and how you can jumpstart your passion again.


Until then keep day dreaming Spring is almost here…


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