(Self) Love is in the Air

Phew! We made it to February. Only one more month of winter to go (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

While we wait for winter’s graceful exit,

You wanna to do a Self Love Celebration with me?

It’s pretty simple.

Pick a self care item that you would love to gift yourself.

“You can’t take care of your money if you don’t take care of you” (Message! Facebook it)

I’m talking massages, baths, movement, trying out veganism, or giving yourself full permission to enjoy the f*&k out of your ice cream dinner…

I’ve gathered a whole posse to help us along our way:

I am enrolled in Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts for Mastery 2015. (Sexy Money was born there 7 years ago) You want a seat? Go here.

I am going to Rhiannon Lawrence-Zitting’s 30 day Self Love Soiree on Facebook. Find that here.

I am eating clean, but as my fellow Yogi Lauren Benson over at Aditi Wellness says

“Some days I just want fried refined sugar covered cheesy gluten products washed down with soda. But I'll stay strong. I. Will. Stay. Strong.”

(P.S. When I open my bakery this will be the name)

Stay strong by trying these delicious recipes I've scouted on Pinterest (Soul Food and Sweets for Sweets)

I’m getting my movement on all month long at Sacred Brooklyn. I will post daily pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, The Gram, Twitter, Youtube, Tinder?, Hinge? Myspace? Friendster? (I’m sooo social)

Need some help with your nutrition? Try these ladies:


Alissa Vitti at Flo Living (She helped me manage my monthly Lunar Tics otherwise known as PMS insanity)


Maya Fuller at http://www.mayafellernutrition.com/ (P.S. I worked with Maya for 6 months last year. She don’t play!)


That’s all beauties!



denise signature.png




P.S. If you don't feel called to join me, you have my full permission to do absolutely nothing. It's still winter. Cuddle up, relax, and day dream. Your springtime will come.