The difference between fear and not feeling it

Last week I wrote about operating my business from a place of intuition.

Using my gut to spur me on.

I needed some time off from big launches because I wasn't feeling it.

So, I took 4 months off.

4 WHOLE months.

A whole season.

It was perfect.

Then it wasn’t.

Winter rolled in and I really wasn't feeling it.

January ushered in the New Year and I was still on the bench.

Soon my not feeling it bled into fear and inertia.

How do I know?

My magic stopped.

Money stopped pouring in effortlessly.

I was stuck.

Now what?

Well, I was saved by a good friend who sent me a link to the following blog post

 This statement spoke right to my geeky soul

“Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest”

I had become like many of my clients,

 I was crippled by inertia and unable to jump start my business and money because of fear, resistance, playing small, self sabotage, or upper limits.

I had to coach myself.

There is an old saying that I love

 “When the teacher is ready, the student appears”

So I became my own teacher.

I did what I do with all my clients when they first come to me and want to increase their sales.

I have them track and monitor everything.

At my heart I have a math brain or more accurately the brain of a kindergartner, meaning I thrive on gold stars!

Here is the list of what I did:

  • I tracked all sales conversations I was having on a daily basis. Getting new customers is a numbers game. You gotta talk to a few "no’s" to get a "yes".
  • I tracked my marketing activities on a weekly basis. It’s much easier to see what’s getting results when you start tracking your marketing efforts.
  • I tracked my daily deposits (nothing makes me feel like getting my ass in gear more than having to put a big fat zero for a day’s deposit)
  • I set income desires for the next 30, 90, and 180 days.

These four simple steps helped me get my head (and cash) back in the game. If you want to get in the game with me download the exact workbook I use each week to make sure I'm hitting my income targets.

Also, stay tuned for March 19th when I host my popular webinar Quit Your Day Job (even if you don’t like webinars keep a look out because I’m cooking up some goodies especially for you).




If you are stuck and feeling dragged down by inertia, then it’s especially important for you to click this link. Start giving yourself gold stars for the things you do and you’ll do more of it. 

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