Sometimes Adding Means Subtracting

It's late on a Tuesday afternoon,

I'm just coming in from my Hot Mess pilates class

it's part of a 30 day movement challenge issued by

Miss Dara Cole over at Sacred Brooklyn.

Its my 4th day and already I am noticing a shift.


I don't do as much.

I saw a post on Facebook that said to do more you need to do less

So I'm noticing the not so important things falling off my to do list


I'm eating better,

partly because I wanna look lean and fit in my tiny hot yoga shorts and tops

and more importantly I want to feel radiant and a full stomach

and hot yoga make for a nausea inducing time


I'm having so much fun.

 I get to see my people EVERYDAY.

 I feel this sense of true community especially since I live and work alone on most days.


FASHION. I know.

But for me its all the motivation I need.

I am planning new outfits everyday as if I'm Beyonce

and I'm gonna be photographed for a blog that day:)

What's all this got to do with you?

 I thought you might like to ask yourself the following questions.......

1. What can I take off my plate so I can give birth to a project with ease and grace?

2. How can I nourish myself so that my creativity pours out of me

3. Who can I call to be my creation buddy?

4. What can I wear to make myself feel authentic in whatever endeavor I'm embarking on? 

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