The 4 Seasons of Woman

The essence of femininity is round

It’s the circle

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The cycles of things

The moon cycle, the creativity cycle, the life cycle, the cycle of your business, your menstrual cycle, and yes the seasons.

The beauty and essence of the body woman is her connection to these cycles.

The moon affects the seasons, affects your body, affects your actions.

How can we harness the natural energy of the world

to suck our desires to us with the same ease the sun attracts the earth?

It's said that,

There is a time for everything

For everything there is a season

What is for you, will not go by you

So before you make any move,

 ask yourself

What’s my season?

What time of year is it?

What phase of creation am I in?

What day of the week is it?

Where are the stars in relation to my natal chart?

What week of my menstrual cycle am I in?

So, what’s your season?

If the answer is Winter (December – February, week of period, end/renewal phase of a project or business)

It’s time to chill (cue strains of Just Kickin' It by Xscape). It’s cold outside. Curl up on the couch with a good book or episode of the Vampire Diaries (yes it’s good ) or take out your journal and ask the following questions:

What changes did I make during this month or year, or period?

What am I most proud of?

What am I grateful for?

What corrections would I like to make

What is my source, intuition, God, Goddess, the universe telling me?

What is my body telling me?

How can I be alone?

Am I getting enough sleep?

What are my dreams whispering to me?

If the answer is Spring (March-May, week after period, growth phase of a project or a business)

It’s time to start some shit; those seeds you planted should be ready to sprout.  This is a great time to be out and about moving and shaking.  Your creativity and motivation is on a surge.  It’s the perfect time to caress and massage your to do list into a puddle at your feet.

Questions to ask yourself during this time.

What do I really want and desire?

How can I make my desire happen?

Who do I want to see or meet with?

What group events do I want to attend?

What calls can I make or emails can I send to reach out to people, potential customers, and joint venture partners?

If your season is Summer (June-August, ovulation week, climax or peak of a project of a business)

PARTY! (Party people in the house tonight……. )Imagine you’re the rock star and this is your big hit-album release. You’re touring radio stations. You’re at the parties being the superstar you were meant to be.  During this time you’re receptive to your magic as a woman. Use your prime seduction abilities at this time to suck in and receive your desires. Gratitude and contentment come naturally during the summer season.

Questions to ask yourself.

What needs to launch?

What can I draw, write, sing, play, design, produce, create?

How many orgasms can I have in a day (literal and figuratively)

How can I give back and increase my ability to receive.

How can I express myself more fully into who I am?

What needs to be said right now?

If your season is Fall (September- November, the week before your period, the decline or afterglow of a project or business)

It’s after-the-party time. Everyone has gone home. You’ve cleaned and put away the dishes.  Time to send those follow-up emails and hand written thank you notes. You may feel depressed by the abrupt energy shift. This is the time to start slowing down. Get more sleep. Become meditative and introspective. Get into agreement with your feelings.  Questions to ask yourself.

What can I take off my to-do list?

When can I get a massage?

How did I feel?

How do I want to feel?

What do I want to let go of?

Since we are in the heart of winter at the time this post is being written, I’ve got a little holiday present for you to reflect on your past year and get ready for the new one. It's an excerpt from my workbook:

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Excercise One: Savoring

Bonus: Success Map

Exercise Two: Desire Line

Desire-Line Worksheet

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