52 Week Savings Challen....... Soiree!

I'm doing this 30 day movement challenge issued by Dara Cole over at Sacred Studio Brooklyn. I'm on day something or other (not sure when this blog will post). So many good things are coming to me as I take this journey.

One of the things I conjured as if by magic is someone gifted me this spread sheet created by Kassondra Perry-Moreland.

It's brilliant,

it's fun,

it's a challenge.

So in the spirit of the new year

I Challenge you!

No, even better I invite you to a Savings Soiree!

Here's how its works:

  • Pick a day of the week. For me its Wednesdays
  • Transfer a corresponding dollar amount into your saving's account for example if its week 3 transfer $3 dollars to your savings (Or $30, or $300, you can keep adding zeeeros if you got it like that Oprah:)

There are 52 weeks in a year; so you will do this 52 times and have a total of $1,378 in your savings account at the end of the year or $13,780 or $137,800. (knock yourself out money bags:)

52 week savings.png

Simple right?

If you're game

Say "I'm In" in the comment section below:)

Plus pass it on!!

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