I’m Rich Bitch! Everything I know about abundance I learned from a 5 Year-Old

Lesson 1: I'm rich I'm rich

My friend's niece is super adorable. She's a hoarder, but in a super cute ovary twinge inducing kind of way.  Everything in her life makes her feel rich. At her recent birthday party she was seen dancing around the room birthday candles in hand yelling I'm rich I'm rich.  Give her a whole mess of bandaids. Same reaction. She updates her own baby book. This chic knows the delicate art of the Savor. The idea that everything about you is precious and worthy of being kept in the annals and archives of the history that is your life. So try it. Right now stop everything you’re doing and yell at the top of your lungs!!!

Thank you for everything I have.

 I’m Rich I’m Rich!

Lesson 2: Why Spend Mine When I Can Spend Yours

No this lesson hasn’t been brought to you by Lil Kim (seems like I am on a slight Lil Kim obsession this is the second blog post I mention her in.) Nope this lesson comes from my god daughter who religiously saves every penny she gets. When it’s time to buy something she opts for a deal (just like her god mother) and goes to the dollar store. She waits for other people to get her the big stuff (again very similar to her god mama). I’ve gotten some amazing things from pure ether, magic, and conjuring. It’s way more fun than just putting down the cash. Recently a client of mine gave me bag of brand new clothes she had hanging around. I scored the most beautiful hot pink lace La Perla lingerie, a gorgeous summer skirt, and a pair of wide legged slacks I’ve been wanting for years. The best part is we both get to feel good. She gets the thrill of making someone happy. And I get the awesome example of how the goddess provides. It’s truly a win-win.

Lesson 3: Superstar!

This one’s directly from my five year old self. Twenty plus years ago, My mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. She said my whole being lit up and I said “a star”.  I am not an entertainer or performer by profession, meaning I don’t make my living from the arts, but I do use the same principles when it comes to marketing myself or my business. I just pretend I’m the Beyonce or Angelina Jolie of money and in the words of Danielle Leporte. I radiate and state the facts. People are attracted to shiny vibrant people. You get yourself as juiced as possible and folks will gravitate to you. Nobody juices a woman faster than Mama Gena. Her book changed my life. Check her out sometime.

Lesson 4: For the Love of Money

This one is another lesson from my younger self. Ok I admit. I love money. I have since I was young. I would ask for my allowance in one’s so I could enjoy the feeling of a fat wad. I used to iron the bills if I felt they weren’t crinkling enough. I would make money piles out of newspaper and rubber band them the way I saw in the movies. My mother used to warn me that it was easier “for a camel to get through the eye of the needle, then a rich man to get into heaven” It’s funny how the gospels people emphasize are the ones that want us to toil, work hard, be meek and wait until you die for your reward. No one talks about the Sermon on the Mount “And why take you thought for clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:” or the Lord’s Prayer that promises our “daily bread”. Money is a manifestation of the divine. It’s a manifestation of your relationship with self and your value as a person. If you love yourself, then dammit love your money too. Check out Morgana Rae and her witchy brew of coaching that allows you to really embrace your money as if he or she were a lover and a friend.

Lesson 5: Money Isn’t Everything

This one’s straight from my god daughter again. She loves saving but can be heard saying to her mom “Money isn’t everything mommy” From the mouths of babes. When it’s all said and done. Money comes, money goes. It’s how you treat it when it’s in your life that reflects directly on how its treats you when it flows out. So count all your blessings: the love in your life, the family, the friends, your home, your health, your fantastic place on this earth. If you are feeling flush right now, share some of the wealth, it’ll make room for more. If you are feeling tight, take a breath and put some attention on what you do have.