FOR A GOOD TIME CALL: Everything You Wanted to Know About Being a Phone Sex Girl

Yes!!! I promised I would ask for you and I did. I got sooo many questions from folks when I let people know that one of my Sexy Money coaching clients is a phone sex operator. Apparently the internet is ripe with opportunities for women who want to be adult phone entertainment entrepreneurs. After our latest session I was able to sit down with Mistress S and get the low down on the ins and outs of the phone sex game.

Q: I'm here with Mistress S and she is going to talk to us a little about phone sex. S can you tell us how you got involved in phone sex?

A: I got involved in phone sex through some women I met at a sex worker’s right’s activist conference who were involved in the industry and they were talking about the work they did and I’ve always worked in different aspects of the sex industry and it sounded really fascinating to me.

Q: Tell me what you like the most about phone sex and how is it different for you than other sex work?

A: What I enjoy the most about phone sex is it gives me the ease of working from home and being able to log in and out from various cities when I travel. There is good money to be made. I love the ease and convenience of working from anywhere and anytime.

Q: What is a typical day is like in the phone sex world?

A: A typical day in the phone sex world for me is logging in and taking calls. I log into various accounts and take calls starting around 8 or 9 in the morning. Its multitasking because if I get a call on one account I am logging out of the others. It is a magnificent way of working, being in my pleasure, being at home and owning my own time

Q: When you say log-in what does that mean?

A: Logging in means I am working for a variety of companies and I am logging into their systems where they will dispatch calls to me.

Q: If I was interested in exploring phone sex how should I start?

A: The first place I will tell you to go is Nite Flirt which is a very good starting place for women to get a sense on how it works and see other women who advertise and it’s really easy to get started with Nite Flirt.

Q: Describe your callers…(Warning this gets STEAMY!)

A: I have callers across the board. Some of them want plain and simple vanilla. Calls where they want you to be their girlfriends and they want me to tell them how much I miss them and love them and they want kisses and cuddles and hugs. I also have callers who want the hard core things: anything from cock and ball torture to being told that they are so pathetic and submissive and they are better off just sucking a big man’s cock. And I have callers who want to satisfy me in a myriad of ways who want to enjoy my golden showers.

Q: Let’s get to the meat (**wink wink**) of the matter. How much money can you make?

A: If you apply yourself and dedicate yourself, anywhere from supplementary income of 1000/ month to real income 5000 /month depending on the popularity of your characters. And the hours you log in.

Q: Can u talk a bit more about the characters?

A: Well you are playing fantasy roles. Fantasy role play where you put up pictures [they don’t have to be your own] and profiles and guys think they are calling a certain girl. It’s about how you develop certain girls.

Q: What does it take to be successful at phone sex?

A: Dedication, good marketing skills, things very similar to running and operating your own business in other industries except that [in this business] your product is sexual fantasy over the phone.

Q: Is this a full-time business or can you work part-time?

A: People do it however they want. For me it’s very much full-time

But, let’s say I ever want to go into something else, I can still do this part-time.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for women who are considering being an adult phone entertainer?

A: I would say that just like anything else in order to make money you've really got to commit yourself to it. Just like any other business it’s challenging because like any other business as an entrepreneur you've got to commit yourself and have a lot of self-esteem.

That’s all folks. If you have more questions for Mistress S leave them in the comments sections  below and I will make sure she receives them. Also be sure to check out Nite Flirt for more information on getting started on your phone sex journey. I got to listen in on a few calls and had a ball peeking into a world that I’ve always been curious about. I was too chicken to take a call myself but maybe next time.