Working While You Rome: 9 Reasons to Become an Entreprenuer

So I’ve had this desire. It’s been percolating for the last 7 years. I want to experience the best of all my favorite cities. I want to live seasonally in all my favorite places: Seattle in the summer, New York in the spring and fall, and Down South for the winter. I imagined myself sprinkling international trips in between my changing zip codes.

Last month I had my first test run!


I spent the last two weeks of summer in Seattle. I was in heaven. The freshest fruits and veggies imaginable. NATURE!!! Black berries trees just grow on the sidewalks. Vintage clothing shops where you can walk out with a knockout cocktail dress and vintage Halston-esque gold belt for 35 bucks. Coffee shops on every corner and not one a Starbucks? Did I mention that I was in heaven?

 What was the catalyst for this desire coming true? It was my decision three years ago to start my own business. Being an entrepreneur is amazing. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Here’s a long list of why:

1. Financial Freedom: The average yearly income for an entrepreneur/ business owner is $185,000 compared to her counterpart the employee who makes $64,000 a year. Studies and statistics have proven time and time again that successful entrepreneurs make more money than their employee counterparts.

2. Freedom of Time: Sure in the beginning building stages you spend more time working on your business, but it’s YOUR time and you get to decide how to use it. Plus as you grow you get to hire people to do the stuff you don’t want to do and aren’t as experienced at. It’s all about how you design it from the beginning.

3. Freedom of Location: If you craft your business right you can work from anywhere. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that you can craft a business that fits your lifestyle

4. Freedom of Lifestyle: My business can be shifted and grow and change as I grow and change. Right now I want to travel so it’s important to me to have a business that can be worked on from anywhere. Soon I want to start having children and I’m making my current business decisions with that desire in mind. Plus studies have shown that women entrepreneurs have it much easier being a working mother because they can dictate their schedules.

5. You get to be the BOSS: This is perfect for folks who have strong opinions on how things should be done and like to be in charge! (I’m not pointing any fingers on this one, you know who you are!)

6. Great Customers: There is something so satisfactory about having a product or service people love. Closest thing to being  a rock star that I can think of. Speaking of being a rockstar…….

7. Be a Rock Star: Marketing is fun! Who knew? I get to act-out all my diva/superstar fantasies. It sounds a lil kooky but my business persona is the best parts of myself; the parts of me that are fearless, outgoing, charming, and ingratiating. In my private life I am more reserved and to be honest scared shitless.  I get why Beyonce likes to perform behind the persona Sasha Fierce. Sometimes those personas are like protective Iron Man-like shields that allow you to be bigger and better than you ever thought you could be.

8. Winning! Not in the manic Charley Sheen way, but just having pride in solving those daily problems and seeing those wins show up as more cash, more freedom, and more satisfaction.

9. Giving Back! This is probably the best part. Not only have you built a business that supports you and your family, but your money and business can also be of service to all your favorite causes. My passions lie in education and young people. My money gets to support organizations that are on the front lines creating a better world for us.