Discipline is a Dirty Word

Here at Sexy Money I talk alot about wealth building, especially now with real estate. It is my passion and my divine mission to see socially conscious, kind , bad-ass women own a piece of the world, but I sometimes get swept up into the nuts and bolts of net worth statements, property repairs and upgrades, and tax meetings with accountants.


I get so caught up I forget the sexy part of Sexy Money.


I wish I could say sexy is all about lingerie, and skinny dipping at the beach - although your sexy could totally look like that.


Lately for me feeling and acting sexy is a four part recipe.

  1. Feeling Gratitude

  2. Being Abundance

  3. Giving Generously

  4. Believing in Magic


And the secret ingredient to pull the whole sexy dish together is taking disciplined action


Discipline, yuck that word sounds so harsh. (unless we are talking about kink play:)


Another word I like to use instead of discipline is ritual.


Taking ritualistic action.


Brushing your teeth everyday, that’s a ritual.


Your morning lemon water, that’s a ritual.


Here’s a peek into my personal daily rituals:

  1. 15 minute morning ritual with rituals for mediation, gratitude, desire, and pleasure

  2. Daily movement (yoga, running, pole)

  3. A time for checking emails (I try to only do this once a day)

  4. A time for social media (I have locks on all my devices so I can only be on social media during a certain time of the day. Game changing for my sanity, especially now)

  5. Money making rituals (this is where I make the phone calls, finish the networth statement, go to the networking events, have the meetings.) I typically recommend new investors and entrepreneurs start with these activities first.

  6. Meals. (This is my most pleasurable indulgence,  I love to prepare a big lunch and sit down to enjoy it)

  7. Content Creation. I am running a business that depends on my skills as teacher and leader. That involves lots of writing, making graphics, taping podcasts, filming videos, and creating landing pages.



How do you create your own daily rituals?


First start with your desire.

Say for example your desire is to buy an apartment in the next 90 days to use solely for the purpose of AirBnB (Vacation rentals are huge here in New Orleans)


Can you allocate an hour each day for Vacation Rental Creation.


Then begin to take the steps to creating your desire.


Here is where most women mess up. They anticipate failure so they never attempt to take the first step.


There’s a popular myth made popular by the tech world


Fail fast and Fail often,

Meaning you have to test what works until you get it right.


But failure is such a charged word and fear of failure will keep even the best of us stuck, so planning for failure is probably not gonna make your panties wet. Am I right?


Instead of planning for failure,


try embracing resilience, it’s the one skill successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors have in common. 



Your ability to bounce back is your best skill set, but you won’t need to bounce back if you don’t even get in the game (insert your own superbowl reference here.)


Clarity comes from engagement, not from thinking about it. Marie Forleo.


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Believing In Your Bad Assness,