Lauren Harkness- Lauren Harkness Designs

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Working with Denise is like a spoon full of honey in a cup of tea on a cold day!  She made the topics of money and my business feel easy and slow and steady.  First of all, let me say that I felt so much confidence after the first session.  She took the time before we even met to research my company and she had an arsenal of ideas for how I could grow my business in that first month.  I utilized her suggestions, and I made an extra $3000 dollars in web sales that month from her marketing suggestions.  I am eternally grateful that she diffuses the time bomb of my own fear, self doubt, and procrastination with practical down to earth solutions that feel tailor made for me. Sometimes I can lose sight of next steps when I focus on the day to day aspects of my business, and Denise's wisdom, excitement and practical suggestions are like a laser point that cuts through the haze and lights up the sky of possibility.

-Lauren Harkness, Jewelry Designer