A New Day…

Hello Beautiful,

I’ll be honest. This morning I have no words. So I’ll speak to you through the wise sages in my life.


“When life hands you lemons, not only do you make lemonade, but you realize you created the lemons in the first place.” -Regena Thomashauer and Ann Davin
“When they go low, we go high.” -Michelle Obama (my First Lady)





“I trust god” -Gwendolyn Cooper (my Mama)

“Well conjured love. Could we have asked for a more precise, a more intense, a more detailed hand-written invitation to do our work in this world then we received last night. The goddess spared no detail. If there is anything we have been waiting for...Any sort of doubt about…‘Should I? Is my work valuable?’ ‘Is my intuition right?’ ‘Where can I show up on this planet as a wild woman?’ ‘Do I have permission?’ ‘Do I need to be a good girl?' 'Do I need to follow ANY of the things that the world is telling me if those messages contradict my deepest knowing?”
Last night the goddess said ‘You don’t need to follow any of that stuff’ ‘IT’S ALL NONSENSE’ [Obviously... the star of The Apprentice is the leader of the free world!?] So today our invitation is to love so loud... and so big... and so bright… with such divine surrender and trust that the goddess never gets it wrong.”  -Sarah Charlesworth

This is the crumbling of the patriarchy, of racism, of social structures put in place to impose hierarchy.

This is our chance to push back even brighter and bigger than ever before.

So we need you to go high, my love. (Look at that I found my voice.)

Artists, you make art.

Teachers, you teach the babies (and the adults).

Fighters, you show us some roundhouse kicks.

Growers, help us tend our gardens.

Movers, make our bodies stronger.

Healers, teach us how to heal.

Organizers, order our actions.

Astrologers, soothsayers, and mystics keep reading the signs...

Here’s what I’m doing today:

Self Care

(As if my life depended on it, because honestly it does. I’ve been stomach flu-like sick since last night.)

Check out these two light workers for more on self-care:

Bernadette Pleasant at Live Femme

Freya Morani at Root Mama



(I’ve been running again just to manage the stress.)

Here are my favorite movement people:

Geek Girl Strong

Sacred Brooklyn

Reyn Studios New Orleans

Hudson Valley Pole Arts


Live Love Move


Here are my muses...


Curious Tribe

Eva Avenue

Paper Pinup






Social Justice Fund

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

Black Lives Matter

Stand With Standing Rock


Remember it's ok to be angry, to cry, to be afraid, to moan, and gnash your teeth.

It's also ok to love yourself and love others, cause “we gon’ be alright”.

Denise Cooper

Nasty Woman and Founder

SexyMoneyNow.com and RealEstateInvestorGoddesses.com