I'm Quitting...

Me after voting last year. Look at that smile! I had high hopes for this country.

Me after voting last year. Look at that smile! I had high hopes for this country.

You’ve been on my mind.
This time last year I woke up in a tailspin. I tried to stay positive but even I couldn’t spin the new normal for our country.  
To protect myself and my sanity I’ve retreated.
Found solace in my physical connections.
I’m off social media for the most part. You might see me liking pictures of your cute babies or tweeting my favorite podcaster.
I never made the “I’m leaving Facebook” announcement (I used to hate when people did that)
Honestly, I wasn’t sure how long I would be gone.
Right now I am calling it a digital sabbatical and it’s saving my life.

I’m crazy troubled and bored frankly by how algorithms are running our lives.
What does a digital sabbatical mean for Sexy Money especially in an era of digital everything from currency to community.
--I’m still working with people privately.
--I'm in the process of compiling a database of content and videos so that they are easily accessible for my former students and clients.

Financially I still believe in the 4 “Mores”.
Make More
Save More
Have More
Give More

What that looks like for me personally is:

  1. Maxing out my HSA contributions at $3,500 per year.
  2. Maxing out my retirement contributions at $18,000 per year.
  3. Investing in great individual companies when they are on sale using the Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet rules of value investing. (More on this coming later!!!)
  4. Stacking my cash (I’m waiting for another market dip before I invest significant cash in either real estate or the stock market.)
  5. Arming myself with a mountain of financial knowledge.

What is my advice for you?
Listen to a ton of podcasts on the money “Mores” that intrigue you right now.
Read financial papers
Check out money blogs
Subscribe to a magazine again.
Do the things in your life that bring you joy! (For me it’s a boxing class with my HOT AF instructor)
Here’s a list of money resources I’m digging right now

  • Wall Street Journal (The paper and their podcasts.)
  • New York Times (paper and their podcasts)
  • The Economist
  • Seeking Alpha
  • Morningstar
  • Rule 1 investing podcast
  • Take My Bread Podcast
  • Robinhood App (Free unlimited trades! I love this investing app. Use this link and we'll both get a free share of a stock like Apple or Ford)
  • Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast (Monick is kicking ass doing this on her own after I decided that being online isn’t the healthiest thing for me right now.)

 There you have it. That’s my update.

I’m still here. Still answering emails if you have questions.

I’m sure I’ll have something grand for ya’ll soon but for now I’m here in NOLA going to costume parties, voting for my first black woman mayor, and putting my money to work the best way I know how!

Stay woke