Confessions of a Kept Woman

It's no secret among my friends that I am obsessed with sex work 

I still daydream about dancing at a strip club (might be the reason for my raging addiction to pole dancing classes) 

I long to be a dominatrix 

I fantasize about being a feminist porn director (do those exist?) 

Or even better 

Have myself a good old fashioned 

Sugar Daddy  

In my mind my sugar daddy looks more like Richard Gere and a lot less like Donald Sterling 

 It's my go to fantasy when times get tough 

A Man will come along and rescue me. 

 My Prince Charming (at least I pray he's charming) 

My knight in shining platinum armor 

I came close to making this fantasy a reality  

I dated this guy who paid for everything 

 sent me expensive flowers 

 bought expensive trips to St. Martin 

I just KNEW I had landed the jackpot 

On top of all those things the sex was great 

He was funny, intelligent, and seemed completely smitten with me. 

Then suddenly Prince Charming's  veneer started wearing around the edges 

And he started showing signs of all natural, grade A, American narcissism. 

 As my love affair crumpled around me  

The thing I found hardest to say goodbye to  

was not the love I thought I had I found or the future babies I day-dreamed about 

The thing I missed most was: 

His generosity 

 the trips 

 the dinners 

The security of being able to leave home without my wallet 

AND be fully taken cared of 

 I had to say goodbye to winters in Egypt and  

days spent indulging in beauty treatments and going to spas 

days spent shopping and eating luxury lunches 

 I also had to say goodbye to my helplessness 

 I had to acknowledge that I could make my OWN money 

The month that I broke up with my prince I had my worst business month ever 

But I also realized the price of being a kept woman was way too high 

 A kept woman has to listen to the racist rants of her boyfriend 

A kept woman has to end arguments sooner than she would like because she needs money for 

her credit card bill 

A kept woman is never really respected as we live in culture that values money above all else and the people who make the money rule 

 Don't get me wrong I'm all for asking AND getting what you want from your lovers 

But I know this, 

a man is not a financial plan. 

I repeat 

a man is not a financial plan. 

 Can you get someone to pay your rent because you are 

beautiful,  charming,  light-filed,  and magnetic 

Of course you can, any woman has that powerful gift of attraction  

attraction that is above and beyond physical beauty 

the most famous courtesans through out history knew that power of a woman 

 but is that power to attract wealthy suitors the only thing you should rely on? 

 That man you charmed 

He could leave 

He could die 

His wife could put her foot down 

He could be cruel

His children could contest the will

You could want to leave him (but won't because who will pay the note on your Audi?) 

He could decide to trade you in for a newer model 

 Once I realized that my kept status would never be guaranteed in the hands of another 

I decided to keep myself 

 The next year I doubled my income  

 my business and my "Rich Bitch" status took off 

 More importantly I get to spend my days sharing my unique gifts with the WORLD not just a handful of men seeking release in the arms of someone new.  

 I get to share my love of money 

I LOVE money 


crazy in LOVE 

and my money loves me. 

I've taken that love affair with my money and built a business educating women on harnessing their sensuality, their beauty, their charm, and their femininity 

to make what they deserve 

Turns out I am a kept women. 

I am my own keeper. 

Are you ready to keep yourself? 

I'm doing a free webinar Girl, Get Your Money Right where I will show you the Sexy Money way to create wealth so you can enjoy those wealthy suitors as icing on your cake and not the keepers to your gilded cage. 

 Space is limited to 250 woman.  

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