The #1 Secret to Saving More Money (It has nothing to do with percentages)

Earlier this month, I spent the week visiting family in Savannah and Atlanta.

I also managed to fit in Monica Shah’s Money 2.0 event.

What an amazing time.

I left Atlanta energized and just a little terrified by what I’ve got in the works for the next 12 months.

That’s why I love traveling.

I love the sense of anticipation that accompanies lift off

and the deep yearning to just be home when a trip is done.

Or even better,

that feeling that you get when you just aren’t ready to leave yet.

That keen sense of adventure

of breaking patterns

 and going somewhere new

In fact,

 Adventure is one of my core values.

My other core values are

Love, Family/Friends, Pleasure, Generosity, Health, and Wealth

I use my core values as a gauge for my spending.

When I log into and check my spending habits for the month,

 I know which categories should be high because those tend to be the categories I value you the most.

It makes decisions around spending money so much easier and way more abundant.

I try never to have a conversation about what I can afford.

It’s more about do I value this item over this other thing.

I love clothes (like seriously I love clothes), I love the rush of shopping and getting something new, but I had to teach myself to recognize that mindless purchases are way less pleasurable then being able to pay for my yoga membership and my weekly massage.

That dress I almost bought on a whim could get me to Seattle and back.

 Do I want to go to my Soul City where I get to see my peoples, eat amazing food, and recharge in nature?

Or do I want to wear a dress that I’ll be excited about (if I’m lucky) for 2 wearings?

When you know what you value the answer is a no brainer.



What do you value?

Below is a pdf with a list of possible values.

It is by no means exhaustive,  feel free to add your own.

Once you have your core values let them guide you in making your money decisions.

When you log into

 (Your only excuse for not being on should be that you prefer some other personal finance software)

Pay attention to how your spending is in alignment with your values.

Money is like a beautiful woman

She freaking loves attention.

So love her up.


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Your Sexy Money Homework:

1. Make a list of your Core Values

Find the Values.pdf here

  Pick out the values that make you feel good. Try and narrow them down to 5 or 6.

2. Start tracking your monthly spending (use Seriously if you aren’t doing this yet what are you waiting for?!

3.       When you make a purchase, ask yourself does this bring me closer to my values or further away?

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