An Indecent Proposal? 4 Ways To Stop Being a Slave to Money

What would YOU do for money?

How far would YOU go?

I just finished watching the Mad Men episode The Other Woman (enter strains of Nina Simone’s The Other Woman)

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 (Spoiler Alert) In this episode, Joan is charged with sleeping with a male client to help the advertising firm Sterling Cooper Draper Price land an important account.

I have always liked the character of Joan. I’ve found a sort of kinship with herand her buxom curves as a fellow curvy girl who was a c cup at age 9.

 I even admit to appreciating the way she uses her sexuality and beauty to get what she wants. But last night she just seemed sad.  So what if she gained a 5 percent stake in a company that might make her millions, the price just wasn’t worth it.

 Then I started thinking about the ways we all prostitute ourselves, prostitute our time with jobs we detest, prostitute our emotions working or being with people who verbally abuse us……

So in honor of Financial Independence Day on July 3, here are 4 moves to get you Financially Free this year:

move one. GET GRATITUDE.

Be grateful for the fact that you even had the courage to start your own business. Haven’t started it yet, well be grateful that you were born in this place, in this time when it’s easier than ever to be an entrepreneur.

move two. GET CLARITY.

How much money did you make last year? What did you spend it on. What are you on track to make this year. How much do you want to make? Who is your ideal customer? If you don’t know these answers than no magic business fairy is going to throw millions your way and even if she did, you would lose it all in a heartbeat.

move three. GET STARDOM

That’s right become a legend even if it’s only in your own mind. Someone will eventually believe and pick up on the hype. You’ve got to market yourself. Subscribe to our email list to get some pretty awesome tips on marketing to get you started.

move four. GET GENEROUS

It really is better to give than to receive. Making money for money’s sake can be fun, but using that money to fund your passions is even better. Even better still is taking others along for the ride. So, collaborate, help other businesses you like, give, give, give.

Alright. There they are. Four simple moves to get Financially Free this year.

In what ways would you like to be more free? Tell me in the comments section below.

Also check out an awesome freebiehere(p.s. it’s a tool to help you get started on your path to financial freedom)


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