A Chanel Bag Full of Money: 3 Moves to Get More Cash By The End of the Month

Move One. Give it Away For Free

Trust me this works! Especially for new businesses or if you are offering a new service.  I recently offered four businesses my new coaching package (Sexy Money Make More Money in 30 days) for free and immediately got a new client who heard about me from one of those gifted coaching clients. Not to mention tons of referrals from those coaching clients AND their friends and families. Which brings me to the next move……

Move Two.  Referrals

Word-of-Mouth is still the best way to build a business. And a nice little trick to speed that process along is referrals. Ask you current clients for a referral. It’s as simple as just sending a nice, unique, personal email asking for what you need. My granny always says closed-mouths don’t get fedJ

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Move Three. Ladies Love a Sale

So have one! I love sales and I am sure you do too. I especially respond to sales that seem special, exclusive or time sensitive.  I look forward to Barney’s Warehouse Sale or Nordstrom’s Half Yearly because they only happen once a year. I love flash sales because they are time sensitive and only have a few of the items available.

 So why not try that for your business. Are you a coaching practice? Offer a Summer Vacation special for clients who want to jumpstart their fall productivity. Let them know that the sale is rare and only has a few spots available. Here are tips about what motivates people to buy

Missing Out On Something Humans are social creatures. As social creatures we want to be involved in what the next person is doing.

Being Part of Something Exclusive Exclusivity is the key ingredient in creating a loyal client base. Take a look at any of the premium brands around the world and you will see what I mean.

Making a Profit or Getting a Deal As sad as it is, and as many problems as it has caused, one of the strongest psychological triggers for getting people engaged is to help them make more money or saving money.

There you go three simple moves to get you more cash this month.

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