Nothing To Fear: 20 Ways To Seduce Your Fear and Anxiety

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So, I’ve got a confession to make. I sometimes get TERRIFYED! Like heart palpitating, wanting to hide under the covers, kind of terror.

When you own your own business (especially in the beginning) it's par for course.

As I grow older I realize that this fear and anxiety usually means I am playing bigger than I have before. Fear is my sure fire sign that I am on the right track.

I once heard or read author and amazing bad ass (Get her book Overcoming Underearning here) Barbara Stanny say “underearners are addicted to comfort”.

So what’s a bad ass to do when she can’t hide under the covers cause she has shit to do and people depending on her?

How can you fake it until you make it?

Or better yet, fake it so good you convince even yourself?

I've culled a gazillion remedies from all over the web to help during those naseau inducing times of extreme terror and fear.

Meditate, pray, or indulge in a mental flight of fantasy. Love love love love the Lords Prayer or this charkra meditation on youtube. I am also a fan of the HE-MAN incantation. Sometimes a girl just needs to call on the powers of Greyscull or the universe or the get the idea.

MOVE!!!!! I am in love with Stephanie Servere’s Booty camp in Forte Greene check it out here. I can't get enough sensual movement like pole dancing or burlesque which I do at Sacred in Broooklyn

Ask the your tarot cards or ask the Astrotwins. I love the combo of prayer, tarot cards, and meditation. The Astrotwins have an uncanny knack at predicting the stars. Angel Paths is a great online guide for reading tarot.

Write it down, Write it all down. Write down all your anxiety and everything you are afraid of and put it in a special worry box.

Confessions (Queue Usher Song). Tell all your hidden dirty anxious secrets to a trusted confidante.

Spring Clean (literally and figuratively). Clean house for real! Clear out drawers, closets, under the bed. Make your space serene, then go buy Regena Thomashauer's book Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts and practice the spring cleaning exercise on page 51.

 Kava Root. It's super relaxing. I like the pill form. (please use common sense and know that I am not a licensed doctor or herbalist:)

Rescue Remedy Pastilles (these are my FAV). Sucking on one of these is a sure fire way to take the edge off! Plus they satisfy my sweet tooth.

 Magnesium. Mineral deficiencies also contribute to nervousness. I take a magnesium supplement daily. I’ve read recommendations of 250 mg a day and going up to 500 mg for those days you are pre menstrual. It also helps if you are uph hum….. backed up if you know what I mean:) 

 Mantras. Yes I know they sound cheesy but they help when your thoughts are on that deadly spin of worry. My favorites:

Thank You Goddess for everything I have I'm Rich I'm Rich

I expand in love, sex, magic, success, and abundance and I inspire others around me to do the same

 Get Outside. Trees, fresh air, grass. I live in New York the ultimate steel jungle so anytime I step into nature my molecules rearrange themselves.

Stop being afraid of failure.  Things will get easier when you understand that change is paramount to success and that it is rarely comfortable. Let go of the fantasy that there is or should be a point in your life after which you will have "arrived" and will no longer find change difficult.

 Last but not least ORGASMS. Yes I know it risqué but hey it works! Why don’t we both stop pretending otherwise:)

 Thats my list! Everybody gets scared but its how you proceed that makes all the difference! And in the words of my favorite TV coach (and unfortunately our former presidential nominee) "Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose". Seriously Friday Night Lights people check it out:)