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If You Can Light a Candle, You Can Be Rich

Money is 90% mindset and 10% action

Not getting paid handsomely to do work you love?

Well you could if you...

Took a deep dive into my wealth creation tools kits.

Isn’t it time you stop feeling helpless when it comes to your money?

I’m sure you’ve read every book about personal finance,

and tried to budget. But nothing ever works

Tried going back to school

It’s not your fault.

There’s a ton of money information out there, but it’s all saying the same thing.

And you are stuck feeling like you will never stop being a slave to cash

That's why I built the ultimate guide to creating wealth in this modern age:

The Sexy Money Wealth Creation Digital Library

and I want you to have it as my free gift to you.

The Sexy Money Wealth Creation Digital Library

To be wealthy today you need to master the 4 points of wealth creation:

Making more so that you move from surviving to thriving

Saving more without feeling deprived

Having so much surplus you feel safe and luxurious at the same time. In fact...

Having so much that you can give back to your community from a place of surplus instead of deprivation

and now you’ll have over 40 videos and worksheets to master each of these points,

All of them in one place...Just waiting for you right now in the Wealth Creation Digital Library

Once inside you get access to my…

Quiz that helps you determine your financial archetype and homework to help you manage that archetype. Cause if you are like me a (recovering) Pleasure Seeker who lives by the philosophy "you can't take it with you" you need a fun easy way to save without feeling restricted.

A 9 step investment checklist that let’s you know when you are ready to invest so that your money works for you instead of the other way around.

To claim your free gift...

These Wealth Creation Tool Kits are waiting in your “Vault” right now.
Normally these kits sell for $125 a piece.

But I want you to have them free as my gift to you when you join Sexy Money Wealth Creation Movement...

...for just $38.46

Here’s a quick look at the tool kits you’ll get immediate access to as a movement member (remember you’ll get one new tool kit each and every month.)

Plus Future Tool Kits...

But that’s not all…

Each and every month members also receive unfettered access to my monthly Live Ritual calls .

As a movement member you’ll be able to drop in on these live calls where I give you my latest ritual that’s working for me as well as the chance to commune with your fellow movement members and ask questions live.

Amazing right?

And don’t worry you’ll get every recording in case you miss a ritual in person.

Wealth Creation Movement members also get access to my private mastermind group Wealth Creators.

Just like a traditional mastermind Wealth Creators is all about

--Sharing what’s working and

--Getting help with what isn’t

Members include:

*3 six figure professionals working on transitioning from their day jobs to working for themselves.

*A successful real estate investor

*A budding astrologer

*A working mom

*A 7 figure writer

Along with a smattering of...

working artists,





fitness professionals,


and teachers (warning this program is known to help teachers quit their day jobs).

Once you’ve shown you are committed to the movement, our members are more than willing to come to your aid.

“each one teach one” is an unspoken rule of our manifesto.

The Ultimate Conjuring Tool…

All movement members get weekly and direct access to me and my team (and occasional special guest experts) in my live “Member Only” office hours Q&A session.

This is your chance to ask me or my team of experts anything!

And because someone has to be ready to start the meeting roll call.

I’ll begin every session sharing things like…

--How a member was able to get a 50K raise.

--What to do when you get a no from your boss.

--How to negotiate flex-time.

--Current struggles I’m having as an entrepreneur and how I solve them.

--My favorite woo woo tool of the week.

and once I’m done sharing, it’s your turn to ask me anything!

I’ll stay on the call until the last question is answered each and every week.

Oh yeah there’s one biggie I forgot to mention, you’ll get AT LEAST one new Wealth Creation Tool Kit (just like the one you got today.)

Every single month!

So you’ll get it all… The complete Wealth Creation Digital Library worth $946…

---over 40 videos, worksheets, quizzes, and checklists for just about a dollar a day

60% of the “Normal” Rate

(that’s 60% off the normal rate of $97/month)

But fair warning you’ll never see this offer again (it’s not on my website)

So once this window closes, so does your opportunity to join at this discounted rate and receive all the bonuses.

Again, the first step to becoming a movement member can be found just below this video, and the Wealth Creation Digital Library is waiting for you on the other side.

All you need is to scroll down and select the payment option that works best for you… and you’re in!

This is your chance to be a rich bitch for a change… ...to know exactly what you need to do instead of spending all your precious time stressing about money and watching corny youtube videos.

But if you believe everything with your money is “on slay”

and that you’ll be able to figure out those over 40 video and worksheet--steps on your own,

simply select revoke my access and you’ll be downgraded to basic membership.

You’ll still be able to access the toolkit you purchased today, but the other 40 videos and worksheets will be removed from your library.

But if you are who I think you are… a woman who is passionate about money mindset and creating wealth… then we need you.

please join us, and one by one we’ll create a wealth building revolution.

Select the upgrade option right now to join Sexy Money Wealth Creation Movement and receive all these amazing gifts.

Remember you won’t find this offer anywhere else on SexyMoneyNow.com.

This is just for you because you’ve already taken the first step by investing in one of my Wealth Creation Tool Kits.

But once the window closes, so does your opportunity.

Oh yeah, you can cancel at anytime, so you have nothing to lose.

Select the upgrade option now to join Wealth Creation Movement and receive instant access to the Wealth Creation Digital Library and all the other member benefits you have coming to you.

See you on the inside,

Denise Cooper

Founder SexyMoneyNow.com

P.S. This goes without saying, but this offer won’t be available for long, and it won’t return anytime soon when it does go away.

So join right now while it’s fresh on your mind (and while this page is still active).

P.P.S. Still on the fence? Here’s what our members are saying...

"I asked about a salary increase today after my great performance review. I was told that they will raise it upward. I have been prepping for this ask for the past month and am grateful and pleased I had to balls to do so.
Here's to manifesting our desires!! Now for some sweet tea as a treat!"- Jasmin, NYC

"Since using the [Wealth Creation Digital Library] I have done a lot of public speaking getting paid $1000 for 2 hours of work at high end locals and restaurants and the gentleman that hired me and has 40 plus years of experience has said he has never seen it better! I became an associate professor and I used one of my masters degree. I saved all of the money and I am usually a pleasure seeker. I was asked to model for a celebrity makeup artist who ended up loving me so much she wants me to spend a week with her in order to teach me all she knows so I can help her do makeup for east coast dignitaries and hopefully celebs when I am ready!! I made some great connections at Paris fashion week and they would like to get my advice on a fashion line and skin care! I opened up an LLC called Crowned Jewels Consulting International. I have made the decision to birth a business that empowers women through my gifts of healing, teaching, and love of beauty. - Tanja, Virginia

Weeks into the program, changes began to manifest. Actually Taking Action has resulted in my starting a new career at DOUBLE the salary I was making before the program." -Katharine, NYC

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