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Everything you need to know about numbers before you make your first or next $60,000

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You are an entrepreneur with ideas and passion. Maybe you've started a new business or perhaps you've owned your own business for years and are just itching to cross that 6 figure mark. Maybe you are currently an employee with ideas that are bursting at the seams.

Either way you have a super-charged relationship with your money. You worry most about over-spending, not having enough, and doing everything wrong. You feel guilty and helpless when it comes to managing your money and your bank account is proof.


What would it be like if you could REALLY live off your passion?

In the last year, I've seen my business grow 35%. A business I started from scratch, no investments, no credit cards. Just me. Trust me doing it on my own wasn't easy, I had quite a few moments of sheer "I don't know what the hell I am doing" terror.

 I have a lot of experience in business but mostly from the money side. I know how to count it and manage it. That knowledge was enough to get me to a bare bones livable income.

I know money. I'm good with money.

But the idea of marketing and sales always terrified me.

It wasn't until I became comfortable being VISIBLE that my business really took off.  You ever had that moment of thinking, "Damn I wasted so much time not learning how to do this sooner"? Well I did. Once I mastered that last essential piece of a successful business I realized my business could have grown a lot sooner.

*Please Note Sound Starts around 4 minute mark

I want you to make good money making business decisions right out the gate.

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  • Find your magic "Happy Number" We all get caught up in the idea that making more money will make us happy, but the truth is there is a certain number that makes us happy and any more money than that really doesn't do much except keep us in a hamster cage of trying to keep up with those damn Joneses. Find your Happy Number (hint its a lot less than you think)
  • Learn strategies to get to your first 60k with ease. The truth is money is a numbers game. The more people who know your name the more money you make. Learn how to get your name on people's lips. 
  • The 3 numbers you need to pay attention to get more customers. Many business owners completely leave this part out! Make these few tweaks and even the most inexperienced business owner can thrive. Here's the deal. YOUR voice is needed in the world. Every moment you struggle with making money is every moment the world is denied the truest expression of your gifts.

If you struggle to make a LIVABLE income doing what you love, then register for this information-rich webinar now using the form above.


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P.S. Even if you really dislike dealing with numbers, this is the perfect place for you to be. You'll learn the basic steps you need to do to have a lot more success with your money... and how to enjoy making much more.

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Denise Cooper "Sexy Money" teaches women entrepreneurs how to rock their relationship with money in a way that is joyous, easy, fun, and feminine.

She knows that money can be intimidating to women which is why she developed the Sexy Money training program to take the scariness out of money and help women make more, have more, and give more. Taught by someone who bootstrapped her business without investments, a trust fund, loans, or using credit cards. Denise believes that all women everywhere have a special gift for the world and just need the proper training and mentorship to develop a mindset that demands what they are worth AND treats money with respect, a whole lotta self worth, and a dollop of good old fashioned Josephine Baker-style flirtation, irreverence, and spunk.

*Please Note Sound Starts around 4 minute mark