You're an overworked business owner. When the 1st of the month rolls around you have to say no to dinner with friends because you've got to cover your rent and pay your team.


You are a talented, successful, employee for someone else with a burning drive to strike out on your own, but have no clue on how to get started?

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Have a sense of ease, fun, joy, and turn-on around your money

Make more money and spend less effortlessly

Have a healthy savings account and say goodbye to debt

Make a thriving income doing what you love and funding a life of luxury, value, and the stuff of your dreams

Invest in yourself, your family, and your community in a magical way that inspires and takes everyone around you higher


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Does all of the above sound nice, but are you thinking


"thats not for me?"

You aren't alone. I had many times where I felt that same way about my business.That feeling of envy and jealousy when you see other women making an impact in their business and their wealth and thinking

"That's for her, not me"

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You see, I had a lot of experience in business but mostly from the money side. I knew how to count it, manage it, and make sure its flowing. 

That knowledge was enough to get me to a bare bones livable income. The missing peice of my business was marketing and sales. In fact, the idea of marketing and sales terrified me. 


It wasn't until I became comfortable being VISIBLE that my business really took off.  You ever had a moment where you thought, "Damn I wasted so much time not learning how to do this sooner"? Well I did. Once I mastered sales and marketing, I realized my business could have grown alot sooner.

I don't want you to make the same mistake.

In the last year, I've seen my business grow 35%. A business I started from scratch, no investments, no credit cards, just me. Trust me doing it on my own wasn't easy I had quite a few moments of sheer

"I don't know what the hell I am doing" terror.

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Yep. It's Time

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Thats why I created Sexy Money Moguls

Sexy Money Moguls is a custom made group program for you to learn the steps nessecary to creating a livable income and a six figure business.

Sexy Money Moguls is a group program that allows women entrepreneurs like yourself to make more money in a way that is easy, joyous, sexy, and feminine. 

We will use a combination of business, accounting, yoga, tarot, astrology, sensuality, marketing, intuition, and investing tools to make you more money AND have the life of your dreams. 

Throw out everything you think you know about what it takes to succeed.

This is not a program that's gonna encourage any of the following:

Money never sleeps

Money is the root of all evil

No pain, no gain

Get rich or die trying

Crush  it, kill it, or any of those other "its"

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This ain't the good ol' boys way of doing business 

This is.....

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Here is what you will get........

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I'm Ready Sign Me UP!


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