Denise Cooper. Nature's bounty at my finger tips.

Denise Cooper. Nature's bounty at my finger tips.

Denise Cooper

Hi! Iā€™m Denise, CEO of D Cooper Financial, a remote, seamless, and sexy bookkeeping and accounting company for women entrepreneurs.

I founded D Cooper Financial in 2009 for women entrepreneurs to have the in-house accounting help needed to build and manage multimillion dollar companies

In 2011, a client told me that she couldn't believe someone so sexy worked with money and Viola! Sexy Money was born. Sexy Money is a coaching program designed to educate and empower women to manage and make more money. It is my desire that all women everywhere embrace the joys of business ownership and experience their dreams of financial independence.

A bit about me: I am a full-fledged geek, studied math and engineering at the University of Washington. Born in Savannah GA, but raised in Anchorage AK. I adore burlesque, pole, traveling, and great food. I live in my beautiful loft in New Orleans with all my gadgets, good wine, and great clothes.

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